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Accolade Media Interview Training Accolade Media Interview Training Accolade Media Interview Training

Crisis News Management Training

Managing your reputation when the going gets tough

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail..

Today we have a merging of citizen and journalist. Bad news travels fast - environmental disasters, product failures, company re-structuring, accidents. Mainstream and social media thrive on bad news. But “no comment” equals “guilty” to your audience.
Accolade runs specialist crisis and issue news management courses which teach executives how to handle the task of managing the media in a difficult situation.

You have probably carried out the risk assessments. But, before anything goes wrong, you need to know who are the best people to represent your organisation. Then, make sure they are properly trained to face the media.

Working with your communications, health, safety and environment teams we create a realistic and escalating scenario geared towards specific issues your organisation might face.

Key messages can be tested and developed against all the different media interview formats. Crisis media interview training will identify your best spokespeople, and help you work with, rather than against the media.

How NOT to - an example of bad or no media training...